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  • Q. I frequently wax my abdomen and back, but this time I have developed bad rash & it is itching. The marks are also getting worse day by day. I am worried. Please help.

    You must avoid waxing, as your hair follicles are prone to bacterial infection and redness due to hair pull. Take a course of antibiotics and an anti allergic tablet for three days.
    Once the redness settles, you can apply skin lightening creams containing glycolic acid or kojic acid to get rid of marks. You could try permanent hair reduction with lasers which should solve your problem permanently. You might require 6-10 sittings, depending on the density & thickness of your hair.
  • Q. I have a light complexion but my skin is very sensitive. Even if I am in the sun for 10 minutes, my cheeks turn red and it starts burning. How can these be reduced?

    You seem to be having a skin condition called Rosacea.
    Every time, you are exposed to sun, try applying a sun block which gives both UVB & UVA protection.
    Use a sunscreen that has a lable which reads SPF 30 or more and PA +++.
    SPF measures UVB protection, while PA measures UVA protection.
    Take supplements which has antioxidants and vitamin E, which helps to decrease free radicals in one body.
    Avoid spices, caffeine drinks, smoking and alcohol.
  • Q. My 10 year old daughter's hair always emits a bad odour & is sticky. What to do?

    Your daughter probably has more sweat glands on her scalp and also she must be going through hormonal changes in her body. Wash her scalp with an anti dandruff shampoo containing two percent ketoconazole and ZPTO, at least twice a week. This will reduce the fungus and prevent the smell.
    Also, let the hair dry completely after wash.
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